Vol. 10 May-June, 1948 No. 3


DO THOSE WHO SAY that everything is directly and positively out of God really believe it? If they do, why be so concerned about anything regarding doctrine or life? If everything is out of God I cannot for a moment believe that it can in any way be improved upon, or that it ought to be modified, changed, or in any way different from what it occurs. Why in the world should we, blundering, human creatures, try to improve on what God is doing? It seems to me to be utter foolishness to even want it different in any way, shape or form. This seems to me to be a rather mysterious contradiction between their cherished belief and their attitude and practice. For I see repeatedly that those who refuse to budge from the idea that all is out of God, directly and positively, are just as much riled up and ready for self-defense when they think that anything unfair has been directed against them.

If I am ever convinced that all is out of God, and thus just the way He wants it to be, then I shall float along in any and all circumstances and conditions, in prosperity and adversity alike, with a sublime consciousness that all is well and that there is no wrong and no sin (for how could He sin?), all is good and perfect as it is, and any change of it would only degrade it. Yes, thus would I believe and act, because the Scriptures tell me that "whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for the eon, nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it." Eccl. 3:14.

E. A. L.

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