Vol. 25 New Series June, 1963 No. 3

A well-known teacher wrote in 1951 that "Israel is now a nation, and once more within the field of prophecy."

He went on to sketch the history of Zionism; but he evidently did not find it necessary at all to offer any sort of proof in support of his opening assertion, quoted above. Perhaps he was relying on the lack of precision in his statement to discourage any query. What, exactly, is the meaning of "within the field of prophecy"? Does it mean that prophetic times are now in progress? If so, why are we still here? Or does it simply mean that it is now possible for prophetic times to begin? If so, why do they not start at once? Or if they have; what prophecies have begun, or are now beginning, to be fulfilled?

This is the sort of reckless assertion that brings Scripture Prophecy into disrepute. There is nothing the matter with it in itself or with earnest study of it; but it is peculiarly open to such misrepresentation as this and therefore open to ridicule from those who cannot distinguish between the real and the spurious. There is no subject that is in greater need of a cautious and balanced mind for its study than Prophecy and none in which caution and balance are so seldom to be found.

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