In the Midst of Chaos, a Chaos in the Mist

Two dynamics are at play in the world. They both revolve around the energy to act and to do. One dynamic has to do with faith-belief and the other with spirit.

Faith-belief is the opposite of knowledge. It elevates uncertainty into an art form. A human is a natural born agnostic. His awareness of his ignorance is what propels him to gain knowledge, to learn and know about the world. But the knowledge is always incomplete and heís left holding the bag; a bag that he has filled with information but a bag that remains essentially empty because itís full of holes. To counteract the experience of failure, he sprinkles his mind with arrogance and calls that arrogance wisdom. He seeks superiority where none is necessary. He grabs a pile of uncertainty and calls it certainty. But nothing really changes.

Faith-belief jumps in to fill the breach. He believes because he has no other recourse. He cannot admit defeat though by admitting defeat he will find that elusive certainty. But thatís not the kind of certainty he wants. He wants to elevate his existence, even if it means forsaking truth and knowledge.

In the mists of time there is chaos. There can actually be nothing else. Any order out of chaos is tantamount to a figment of our imagination. We fight the chaos but the end result is inevitable. All we have is faith-belief.

Unless we dare to utilize spirit. Spirit is the coalescing of moment to moment; spirit is the elusive now. Itís like recreating ourselves on the spot. The world passes away but the spirit remains. Why does it remain? Because itís not a thing. It matters because itís not matter. Spirit is the supreme example of energy at work.

He or she who has the most energy rules the world. Indeed, rules the universe.