(Inter Alia)

Location, Location    

The Adventures of AG & RG: A Theological Satire    

Ancient Ruin: The Faux Magazine that "Knochs" Theology on its Head!

As Day Follows Night    

Believing in Inevitability is the Result of Ex Post Facto Thinking

Bible Verse that Proves Free Will    

Book Recommendations: Both Real & Unreal Books for your reading pleasure

The Chosen Ones    

Cosmic Tidbits from the Aztec Publishing Concern

Father, Son and Holy Nephew    

The Importance of Being Conscious    

God, Humanity, Reality: A Continuum in Steps

In the Midst of Chaos, a Chaos in the Mist    

Jesus is Not a Religion

Knoching on Heaven's Door    

The Light Side of the Moon    

A Reasonable Definition of Free Will    

The Compleat Nick Neercassel: Theological Private Eye    

Verse 7 of II John: An Analysis    

Speculative Notes on Spirit, Mind, Matter & Energy    

The Spirit and You: Who Have You Been Talking to All These Years?    

Nick Neercassel: In Novel Form    

Universations: Overheard in the Universe Volume One    

Verse 7 of II John: An Analysis


Why Wait?    

Do not mistake a symbol for a thing. (to paraphrase C.S. Lewis)