As we understand space (in a cosmic sense):
1. It is steadily expanding, OR
2. It is already infinite, OR
3. It is already infinite while steadily expanding anyway.

As we understand time (in a cosmic sense):
1. It is steadily contracting,
2. It is finite,
3. It is moving toward Zero Time.

What does this mean? It means that time decreases as space increases. Another way of saying this: the further we get into the future, the more irrelevant time becomes.

Why is this? Because we are moving toward the point where conscious intelligence is beyond erasure. There will be no desire to be unconscious for long periods of time. When that happens, time is reduced in relevance.

The ‘Now’ will prevail. Does it make any sense to tell someone, “I’ll see you in two million years.”? It may actually be 1.99 million years, but whatever it is, it will be ‘Now’.

If space and time began together, then think of space as an empty glass waiting to be filled, while time is a full glass, anticipating consumption.

Time and space are opposites. Time is: metaphysical, subjective, relative, precious, limited, ambiguous, abstract, dependent and non-material. Space is: physical, objective, absolute, common, unlimited, unambiguous, concrete, independent and material.

Looking back to the Garden of Eden, God offered Adam and Eve (as well as their descendants) the opportunity for eternal life. Conscious, intelligent life is the universe’s greatest axiom of value. To live is to occupy space. Those who transcend time no longer need time.