Vol. 11 September-October, 1949 No. 5

The Kingdom --- A Query

In "Unsearchable Riches" for September, 1949, on page 199, is the following statement: "The first significant, outstanding event after Paul closed his kingdom ministry was a clash with a god of the nations. Ephesus was the sexton, or temple keeper of Artemis, . . ." This would appear to mean that the Apostle Paul "closed his kingdom ministry" at the point of time indicated in Acts 19:20-21.

Here is a statement which clashes with my Chapter 8 in The Differentiator, Vol. 11, No.4. One of us must be completely wrong about this.

I do not propose at this stage to do more than ask three questions.

I do not wish to start a controversy. I am simply asking for information, which, for some unknown reason, the learned author of "Paul in Ephesus" omitted to supply. And, knowing his dislike of reasoning about Scripture, I trust that nobody will try to answer the questions with reasonings.   I want the plain words of Scripture. Will he or someone else come to my aid? All I ask for is the truth, and if my Chapter 8 is proved to be unscriptural I shall publicly acknowledge my error.


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