Vanity and the Veil

God is like the lightning and His voice is like the thunder. By the time we hear His voice, it’s usually too late.

The fastest thing in the universe is thought. God moves at the speed of thought. Maybe in a billion years we’ll know what He’s thinking.

Meanwhile we have the Bible which is pretty much all the corporative help we’re going to get. There’s always room for individual inspiration and insight, but we should take most of that with a grain of salt.

According to that book (Romans 8:20) God has subjected His creation to vanity (or perhaps better put, to futility). We live and die in a haze, the light sometimes piercing through.

We also see through a glass darkly (I Corinthians 13:12), a veil as it were. Once again, if we’re lucky, a ray of light, in a rare moment, might be perceived.

What then can we hope for? Well, as the Bible is presented there seems to be a psychological progression from the Old Testament to the New Testament. The supernatural becomes the natural; the far-fetched becomes the near at hand. Angels no longer walk the earth. They fly above it calling us home.