Why Wait?

If God is infinite in the past (i.e. had no beginning), there can be no one point in the past when he pre-determined the future (by the way, if time is infinite in the past, how did it ever get to this point?) – unless at some point, say 16 billion years ago, he decided it was “time” to plan the future and make events happen in such a way that his plan would be carried out to the smallest detail.

But if that’s the case, wouldn’t you have to say that before that point in time the future wasn’t planned?

So he tried both ways (free will & determinism) – to see which was better?

If the whole purpose of God’s love is have fellowship with his creatures, why did he wait billions upon billions of years to do so? If it was just a matter of him carrying out his plan, why wait?

But – if it meant dealing with creatures who had free will and who could be quite unpredictable and difficult to manage (the phrase “stiff-necked people” comes to mind), then the wait might be more understandable.

Also – the fact that it might be necessary for him to lower himself to mortal status with all the incumbent inconveniences – also might expain the wait.

Also – the vast human suffering and misery, and evil unleashed on creation would no doubt also might explain the wait.

Also – the vast effort that would be necessary to bring stubborn creatures to the right way of thinking, believing and living – might also explain the wait.

But when God decided to do it, no doubt he "planned" to see it through.