We would extend a welcome to new readers, several more having asked to receive regular copies of our Magazine. Also in the process of tidying up our mailing list, we have learned that one or two readers of the former "Differentiator" are no longer living. To the relatives and friends of these we wish to convey our sympathy and consolation in Christ.

By now it will be apparent to all that our aim and object is to provide material strictly consonant with Scripture, without being tied to any school of teaching, since there is error in all, including ourselves, though we constantly seek to discover where our understanding may be incorrect. To all who sincerely seek for truth, it is incredible that anyone should wish to accept any teaching that cannot be fully substantiated by Scripture, for it is bound to be useless if it is untrue.

Most immature people and all careless ones fall into the trap of assuming that because a man carries the title of "Professor" or "Doctor" he must be fully competent to teach. So he should be, but one must always bear in mind that the value of such a title depends upon the competence of those who confer it. If they themselves are not fit to teach Theology, the man they dub "Doctor" is not likely to be other than unfit also. The only way to find out is by going back to the source of all theological knowledge, the Scriptures, and compare the teaching of the theologians with that alone.

This is the Christian's difficulty. He usually fails to call the bluff because he has already failed to fit himself to do so.

Time was when many quite ordinary men and women were sufficiently mighty in the Scriptures by themselves to make the stand against error that we ALL should be making. Those who have such gifts ought to be on call for helping others, though this need not require outstanding intelligence or some highly recognised degree of learning.

The translation and understanding of the Greek original has been illuminated now by so much research that the ordinary person should be able to stand on his own feet against all adversaries, relying only on the power of the Word alone and the Holy Spirit Who speaks therein. What is often lacking in making a stand for the truth is not the ability to befit one's self; it is rather the lack of the WILL to do so; the consuming love of truth that ought to burn in us all.

It is a solemn fact—and for the Christian it also should be a most alarming one—that each time a person turns aside from truth in favour of some teacher's dogma, he makes the task of retracing his steps more and more difficult. The human mind tends to move in set patterns of thought, so as long as the mind conforms to the pattern of Scripture, it faithfully reflects the spirit and teaching of Scripture. On the other hand, if the mind is permitted to run in accord with a pattern of some dogma which a different mind has devised contrary to Scripture, that will very soon change the pattern into something altogether different from Scripture; and, worse still, neither mind will be aware of that perversion. Of all such things let us beware.

Unsigned Editorial (Treasures of Truth, Instalment Seven, November-December 1972)