The following appeared in:

Instalment One

June 1971

Published by

Cecil J. Blay
"Vyrnwy" Cospe Mead
Woodley, Reading, England

Melvin E. Johnson
729 Maryland Avenue West
St. Paul, Minnesota, 55117


Though present writers in this publication are in fundamental accord wherever the intention of Scripture is readily discerned, they recognize also that occasions could arise for valid difference of opinion on less definitive subjects

This could further pertain to other writers whose articles of merit may be approved for publication in future issues, even where the author's views may not in every particular coincide with ours.

Every article published is submitted only for the reader's private and prayerful consideration. Nothing is tendered with any assumption of finality; rather only as a means to a reverent search for truth; a search wherein the reader is invited to share.


SO MANY readers of "The Differentiator" have written in response to our invitation and have asked for some kind of continuance for the service previously rendered by that Magazine, so we have decided to send a copy of this first instalment of "Treasures of Truth" to everyone on the current subscription list.

Mrs. Davies has gone to considerable trouble in providing us with an up-to-date record of names and addresses. For this we are most grateful and we should be happy to add further names, should you know of others to whom a periodical such as this might be welcome and helpful.

We have not found sufficient time personally to acknowledge every letter we have received, so we shall be glad if those who have received no reply will accept this general word of thanks. Especially do we appreciate the warm tributes that have been paid to the outstanding work of our friends Alexander Thomson and R. B. Withers, who between them gave much added solid ground to the rock of truth whereon we stand.

We should also like to make public acknowledgement of the generosity of several friends who with their letters have also sent offerings for the future support of this new work. These are warmly appreciated, as are also the promises of support we have received. We therefore feel encouraged to proceed without naming any fixed rate of subscription. Readers may share in the cost as each may choose but for any who may be unable to share, no such participation is required. All we ask (if you have not already done so) is that you please inform us if you wish to remain on the Mailing List.

Several readers have kindly sent subscriptions to "The Differentiator" but under the circumstances of much uncertainty then, Mrs. Davies felt best to return their remittances, especially since we have been able to settle any remaining accounts of the "The Differentiator" completely free of debt. Also as Mrs. Davies writes, it is evident "we have a very rich Lord." Since she is quite willing now as always to be helpful, those readers who have formerly sent their publishing donations to her may now also, if they choose, send any future offerings either to Mrs. Davies or to the Editors. In either case such offerings will be applied to future publishing expense.

"TREASURES OF TRUTH" will not be published at fixed intervals, but as and when material is available which we feel will be or our profit to our readers. It is not just "another religious magazine", of which there already are too many, although unfortunately only few of them deal with truth. So far as we are concerned, our statement of intent should be clear to all.

Obviously, since the Editors have enjoyed close relationships with A.T. and R.B.W. and their associates over many years it will be apparent that our understanding of Scripture is closely identified with the expositions put forward from time to time by those two gifted scholars. But this does not exclude papers based on the researches of other expositors who during the present century have done so much to clear away the tangle of theological over-growth which previously greatly obscured the teachings of Scripture. In short, we follow no leader, and are not partisans for any school of thought, except that "which the Holy Spirit teacheth".

The miracle of God's truth is that always, somewhere, He has kept the light of it burning. This in varying degrees and in different ways "parting to each" of His witnessess some personal understanding or enlightenment to share with fellow-believers. Sometimes the light shines from unexpected quarters, and we hope to publish extracts from time to time from the works of those who have been given the insight to express truth in poetry. Poetry is far more than writing lines that rhyme; it demands elevation of thought, and has been defined as the "best words in the best order". Paul says that we are God's poems!.

If this small service which we are attempting is to accomplish anything worth while for God's glory it will need what every human effort for God has always needed, "pleadings and intercessions". It is only God Who "giveth the increase", so we can confidently request that you too will make these things your share of the work.